About Us


We are sand, surf, sea, freedom, friendship, passion, air, energy, connections, sun, laughter, spirit, independence, love, power and opportunity.


In 2005 Ronit Yam (רונית ים) would come to sit everyday on the beach in Tel Aviv bringing with her a small bag filled with leather strands.  She would create necklaces and bracelets and sell them.  Slowly through word of mouth, people began to come and see who Ronit was and what she was making.  She soon became known as Ronit Yam.  Yam is beach in Hebrew and this is how the connection to clients would slowly begin.

AMEN jewelry, clothing and decor is now sold worldwide.  Serving everyone, everywhere Amen is a brand to be reckoned with as it leaves a lasting impression on each individual it comes into contact with.

AMEN has become more than a brand due to the hard work of Ronit Yam. It has now transformed itself into an essential part of her clients lives, bringing them back time and time again.


AMEN is a protective blessing inscribed on all our jewelry pieces.  Made up of 3 Hebrew letters alef, mem and noon, this is written as אמן and the feeling is simply spiritual.  Alef is for adama (earth), mem is for maim (water) and noon is neshema (soul).  Love, light, passion, compassion, peace and happiness are felt by all who come into contact with Ronit Yam. 

AMEN is found in the Bible and The New Testament and is a strongly felt word in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.  It can universally be translated to mean “so be it”.

In Judaism, it is used to support a blessing made by a prayer reader and Jewish law requires all to answer AMEN when a blessing is read.  

In Christianity, it is used as a final word for prayers and hymns.  

In Islam, it is used when concluding a prayer, especially after supplication (an intense act of worship).


Everyday is a new day, a new life experience and a new chance to create from the heart and soul. Mornings begin early at the beach surfing, paddleboarding and breathing in new inspiration.  Ronit Yam then returns to her workplace, a villa surrounded by plants, which is truly paradise.  People gravitate towards the warmth and energy of Amen, whether to buy, drink coffee, or tell a life story.  Lifelong friendships are formed. At this time AMEN has 10 employees and all production and manufacturing is done on site.   


The whale tail medallion was created in 2005 and has become a phenomenon in addition to the line of necklaces, bracelets and rings. Materials used are sterling silver, gold-plating, diamonds, zircon and natural stones. Clothing soon followed and “Ocean Spirit” was born.  Ocean Spirit is a feeling and this is where AMEN’S inspiration to create flows.  Ronit also designs: indoor/outdoor pillows, bedsheets, duvets, bed pillows, towels, bags, scarves, scented soaps and perfume. 


To remain true to her passion of living life her own way and on her own terms.  Everyday is a new day to discover and design what her heart desires without agendas, schedules or plans.  Ronit Yam lives and creates day by day while loving life and enjoying every moment.  To continue to exist in this dream, has become her dream.